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Recipients of Community Safety and Well Being grant

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The City of Edmonton is pleased to announce the recipients of Community Safety and Well-Being (CSWB) funding through the Early Intervention / Intervention and Collaboration grant programs to help advance the goals of the City’s Community Safety and Well-Being Strategy.


Intended as one-time funding, these two CSWB grant programs will support local community organizations working to make Edmonton a safer, more inclusive and equitable city. Early Intervention / Intervention and Collaboration funding addresses and reduces pressing challenges related to the CSWB pillars of Safe and Inclusive Spaces, Well-being, Crime Prevention and Crisis Intervention and Poverty. Collaboration funding intends to enhance existing or establish new collaborations or partnerships to achieve the goals of the CSWB strategy.


“As a city committed to advancing and improving community safety and well-being, I am happy to congratulate and recognize all the recipients of this community safety and well-being grant funding from the City,” said Mayor Amarjeet Sohi. “This funding will go to organizations working to address social issues and enhance or start new partnerships in the community, helping to make Edmonton more safe, connected and welcoming for all.”


A total of 122 applications were received, and of those, 27 recipients were selected, with a total of $5 million in grant funding awarded. Grant recipients were recognized today at an event hosted at the Terra Centre for Teen Parents with Deputy Mayor Michael Janz on hand to speak to guests and congratulate recipients.


“Terra serves approximately 1,000 teen parents and children each year, so having this opportunity to strengthen our Mental Health supports will make a significant impact on many young people with complex issues,” said Karen Mottershead, Executive Director, Terra Centre for Teen Parents. “We are grateful to receive funding from the City of Edmonton’s Community Safety and Well-Being grant that will help our teen parent families build stronger futures for their families and a stronger community for us all.”


The following organizations were selected to receive funding:


Early Intervention / Intervention Grant Recipients


ASSIST Community Services Centre———————————————————-$192,481

Enhancing Safety & Well-being Program


Cornerstone Counselling Society of Edmonton———————————————–$45,100

Navigating Your Way through Stress


Council for the Advancement of African Canadians in Alberta (Africa Centre)——$264,209

Pathway to Better Mental Health and Well-being for African Descent Canadians


Dickinsfield Amity House————————————————————————–$244,600

Peer Connections for Independent Living


Edmonton John Howard Society—————————————————————-$244,375

Community Reintegration Program


Free Play for Kids———————————————————————————–$207,145

Game Changers: Empowering Communities Through Inclusive Recreation


George Spady Centre Society———————————————————————$95,200

Empowering Recovery on the Margins of the Margin:

Supporting Comprehensive Wrap-Around Supports for the Post-Detoxification Journey


Maskwa Medicine———————————————————————————–$143,324

Niya Oma Niya (I am who I am)


Métis Nation of Alberta Association————————————————————-$340,665

Ka^ kiskanotaten – “I will lead you”


Organization for the Prevention of Violence————————————————–$150,043

Youth Vulnerability Reduction Protocol


Ribbon Rouge—————————————————————————————-$198,700

Creating Inclusive Spaces for Vulnerable Black People: A Curriculum for Service Providers


Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton————————————————————-$36,000

Elements Group


Sign of Hope Society (Catholic Social Services)——————————————–$378,000

Creating Safe Spaces for High Risk Youth and Newcomer Youth


Skills Society – Supporting the Citizenship of People with Disabilities——————$68,800

Community Animator Pilot


Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Northern Alberta————————$25,000

Health Transitions Navigator


Terra Centre for Teen Parents——————————————————————-$179,412

Terra Mental Health Supports for Teen Parents


Yellowhead Indigenous Education Foundation———————————————-$324,975

Blossoming Flower Land-Based Education Day Camps


YOUCAN Youth Services—————————————————————————$78,485

Relentless Youth Outreach


Young Men’s Christian Association of Edmonton (YMCA)———————————$99,935

Youth Diversion


YWCA Edmonton————————————————————————————-$45,097

YWCA Edmonton Group Counselling Services


Collaboration Grant Recipients


Bissell Centre and Boyle Street Communities Services———————————–$250,000

The Transformation Project


Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council—————————————————–$250,000

Community-led Research and Inclusion of Seniors through Policy (CRISP)


Ever Active Schools——————————————————————————–$210,000

Indigenous Youth Mentorship Program Supporting Urban Indigenous Youth in Edmonton


Family Futures Resource Network Society—————————————————$250,000

The Mill Woods Collaborative for Children, Youth, and Families


John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights————————————$250,000

Creating A Collaboration Framework that Unites, Aligns, and Optimizes the Food Security and Food Justice Ecosystem of Edmonton


Sisters Dialogue————————————————————————————-$250,000

Amanah – A Safer Space Pilot


Y.E.S.S.: Youth Emergency Shelter Society of Edmonton——————————–$249,600

Youth Agency Collaborative – Youth Well-being Continuum of Care Implementation Project


The CSWB grant program provides funding and support to initiatives that work to improve equity, end poverty, eliminate racism, advance progress toward truth and reconciliation, foster safe and inclusive spaces, increase crime prevention and crisis intervention and boost the overall well-being of Edmontonians.

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