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Your mental health and you | The Healthwise Podcast

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Noreen Sibanda joined Tee Adeyemo on the Healthwise Podcast recently to talk about Your Mental Health and U.

The Healthwise Podcast is a new product from the Ribbon Rouge Foundation. The aim is to talk about our health issues with a special guest.

About Noreen

Noreen Sibanda was born in Zimbabwe and grew up in Canada, where she has spent the last decade working in the community supporting refugee and immigrant families. Some of her notable work includes working on youth participatory research projects with the University of Alberta- Community-University partnership, coordinating summer youth programs, and more recently focusing on bringing awareness of mental health to marginalized individuals. Her passion for destigmatizing and increase access to mental health services has led her to work within schools and with community-based organizations offering counseling services at a sliding scale to eliminate barriers.

After years of working within the system, she recognized the need to have allies and a network of black therapists, which led to the creation of the Albertablacktherapistsnetwork (ABTN). The ABTN are a group of licensed and regulated professionals working in the field of mental health and addictions that aim to normalize experiences, destigmatize accessing therapy within the black community and reduce barriers and inequalities experienced by people of color. Noreen currently serves as the Executive Director of ABTN. She is a University of Alberta Alumni, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Women and Gender studies. She also holds a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology and is a practicing Registered Provisional Psychologist in Edmonton.

A little bit about Ribbon Rouge Foundation

The Ribbon Rouge Foundation is a grassroots organization that focuses on health equity and facilitates social justice through the Arts. The Ribbon Rouge Foundation facilitates storytelling, community-engaged arts and intentional, meaningful community conversations to change perceptions, stir social conscience, educate the public, and create positive social change.



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