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Finding bras that fit with TheBraGirl

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Finding bras that fit with TheBraGirl

The talk about bras is one shrouded in so much mystery. Not finding adequate breast support, especially in endowed women, has given rise to issues ranging from physical pains to emotional upheaval.
Moreover, women are often overwhelmed with bra shopping due to the time it takes and the many they need to sort through with little guidance.

Enter TheBraGirl…

Its founder, Bukola Adedeji, is passionate about helping women find the right bras for their bust and body types. She not only makes it easy for girls and women of all shapes and sizes to get comfortable support, she also provides awareness on how to use undergarments as tools of productivity in everyday life.

More than offering bra fitting services, TheBraGirl facilitates various programs that help women build their confidence and enhance their quality of life.

Find TheBraGirl at Core Shopping Centre, Level 3, 320 317 7th Avenue SW, Calgary.






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