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Black Business Women Networking Event | July 28th | 5 pm - 7 pm

Black Business Women Networking Event in Calgary

They hope that Black Business Women will come out and learn new things while they network with other women just like them. Some of the night’s highlights include the opportunity to learn about the Africa Centre and about all the businesswomen who will attend the event.

Stonewall Pride | Jacqueline Biollo

Stonewall Pride | Jacqueline Biollo

The documentary “Stonewall Forever” explores the history and significance of the Stonewall uprising, which took place in June 1969, featuring interviews with activists, community leaders, and historians. Activists held protests and met with political leaders to educate about events leading up to the uprising, its impact on LGBTQIA+, acceptance and visibility, the rights movement, the ongoing struggle for equality, and the social justice movement, and interrupted public meetings to hold those leaders accountable.

Business Spotlight with Amina Moussa

We are grateful to the Edmonton Community Foundation for sponsoring the stories of Black Muslim businesswomen. This is the second part of a two-magazine series where we feature businesswomen on 118 Avenue. Amina Moussa has held her business for over fifteen years.

Animal Instincts | Jacqueline Biollo

Upon further research, I learned that in evolutionary psychology, which studies behaviour, thought, and feelings, most primal animals (including humans) are said to be motivated or have instincts to have, follow, and achieve: fighting, fleeing, feeding, and fornicating.

What I have learned about menopause | Jacqueline Biollo

Each woman has, does, and will experience menopause differently. These experiences include responses based on cultural variations and social and psychological determinants. Pay attention to what your body is doing and ‘saying’ to you. Embrace it, make the necessary or appropriate changes to survive and thrive, and seek professional help or consultation if something does not feel right.

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