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Keeping sport affordable for Alberta families

Keeping Sport affordable for Alberta families

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Alberta’s government is reopening applications for the Every Kid Can Play program so non-profits can create more opportunities for kids to play the sports they love.

Alberta’s government understands the critical role sport and recreation play in Albertans’ lives, especially for children. Sports teach healthy habits and fundamental life skills such as teamwork, leadership, confidence and commitment. Learning these skills at an early age sets children up for success, all while having fun with friends.

To continue knocking down barriers to youth participation in sport, Alberta’s government has provided $8 million to the Every Kid Can Play Program. The Every Kid Can Play program includes support for community and non-profit organizations that remove barriers for families across the province and help make kids’ sport and recreation activities more accessible and affordable for Alberta families.

Alberta’s government is reopening applications for the Every Kid Can Play program, aiming to create more opportunities for children to engage in sports. Recognizing the importance of sports in teaching healthy habits and essential life skills like teamwork, leadership, and confidence, the government has allocated $8 million to this initiative.

The program supports community and non-profit organizations by making sports more accessible and affordable. Provincial-scope organizations can receive up to $100,000 annually, while community-level non-profits can receive up to $25,000. This year, eligibility has expanded to include community-level organizations that are members of provincial-scope organizations.

Applications are open until July 31. Last year, the program supported over 8,500 children and more than 110 community sports programs. Notable beneficiaries include Swim Alberta’s I Can Swim Program, the Cousins Skateboard Community Association, and the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers.

Kelly Oehlerking, executive director of KidSport Alberta, noted that last year’s support helped 17,186 kids participate in sports despite financial barriers, highlighting the program’s impact.

For more information and to apply, visit the Every Kid Can Play Program



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