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50 things to do when you are single and over 50

50 Things to Try When You Are Single and Over 50

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Embracing life as a single individual over 50 opens up a world of opportunities for personal growth, exploration, and fulfillment. It’s a time to rediscover passions, form new connections, and create meaningful experiences. Whether you’re looking to travel solo, pick up a new hobby, or simply enjoy the freedom and independence this stage of life brings, the possibilities are endless. We’ve compiled a list of 50 enriching activities to inspire and motivate you to make the most out of being single and fabulous at 50 and beyond. Dive into this journey with an open heart and mind, and discover the joys of living life on your terms.


Travel Solo: Embrace the freedom and adventure of travelling alone.

Learn a New Language: Engage your mind and open up new cultural experiences.

Join a Social Club: Find groups with similar interests and make new friends.

Take a Dance Class: Learn ballroom, salsa, or line dancing.

Volunteer: Give back to your community and meet like-minded people.

Explore Online Dating: Try online dating platforms tailored for your age group.

Start a New Hobby: Pick up painting, knitting, or photography.

Go Hiking: Enjoy nature and stay fit with regular hikes.

Join a Gym: Maintain your health and meet fitness-minded individuals.

Attend a Live Concert: Experience the joy of live music.

Take a Cooking Class: Learn new recipes and cooking techniques.

Host Dinner Parties: Invite friends over and enjoy great food and company.

Explore Your City: Visit local museums, parks, and cultural sites.

Start Journaling: Reflect on your thoughts and experiences.

Adopt a Pet: Find companionship and joy with a furry friend.

Take Up Gardening: Grow flowers, herbs, or vegetables.

Join a Book Club: Read and discuss books with others.

Learn an Instrument: Always wanted to play guitar or piano? Now’s the time.

Practice Meditation: Find peace and reduce stress through mindfulness.

Attend Singles Events: Participate in mixers, speed dating, and other social events.

Invest in Self-Care: Prioritize your physical and mental well-being.

Learn to Drive a Motorcycle: Experience the thrill of the open road.

Go on a Cruise: Explore new destinations while enjoying onboard activities.

Participate in Charity Runs/Walks: Combine fitness with a good cause.

Take a Class: Learn something new, whether it’s history, art, or technology.

Improve Your Wardrobe: Refresh your style with new clothing.

Explore Fine Dining: Treat yourself to meals at top restaurants.

Take Up Yoga: Improve flexibility and relaxation.

Start Investing: Plan for your financial future with smart investments.

Reconnect with Old Friends: Rebuild and strengthen past relationships.

Explore Spirituality: Attend workshops or retreats that resonate with you.

Write a Book: Share your story or expertise.

Mentor Someone: Offer your knowledge and experience to younger individuals.

Join a Travel Group: Meet people who share your love for travel.

Go Camping: Reconnect with nature by sleeping under the stars.

Attend Theater Performances: Enjoy live drama, comedy, or musicals.

Take a Road Trip: Explore new places at your own pace.

Learn Self-Defense: Empower yourself with martial arts or defense classes.

Attend Wine Tastings: Refine your palate and enjoy social events.

Explore Holistic Health: Try acupuncture, Reiki, or other alternative therapies.

Get a Personal Trainer: Tailor a fitness plan to your needs.

Attend Networking Events: Expand your professional and social circles.

Join a Sports League: Play tennis, golf, or any sport you enjoy.

Create Art: Paint, sculpt, or craft to express your creativity.

Start a Blog or Vlog: Share your experiences and connect with others.

Take a Photography Course: Capture the beauty around you.

Visit National Parks: Discover the natural wonders of your country.

Try Mindfulness: Practice living in the moment and appreciating life.

Build a Community Garden: Collaborate with others to grow fresh produce.

Celebrate Life: Throw yourself a party or celebrate milestones with friends and family.




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