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Spread the love is an innovative education technology startup focused on streamlining international student admissions and payments. It offers a comprehensive digital payment wallet and access to a vast array of academic programs. Here’s what sets MyScooly apart:

 Key Features

1. Global Accessibility: The Scooly Digital Wallet simplifies international payments, eliminating currency conversion issues and ensuring secure transactions.

2. Comprehensive Services: From language courses to visa assistance, MyScooly supports every step of the international education journey.

3. Vast Network: Search through 150,000 programs from over 2,000 partnered institutions worldwide, including universities, colleges, and high schools in Canada, the US, and the UK.

4. Seamless Application Process: MyScooly provides tools to make applying to international programs straightforward and efficient, with guidance throughout the process.

5. Visa Application Support: Keep money in your Scooly wallet as proof of funds for visa applications, ensuring you meet all necessary requirements.

6. Instant Transfers: Experience fast, fee-free international money transfers, making it easy to manage and pay for educational expenses globally.


Empowering Students and Institutions: MyScooly equips both students and educational institutions with the tools needed for a seamless educational experience.
Security and Reliability: State-of-the-art encryption ensures that all financial transactions are secure and reliable.
Affordable International Education: By simplifying the payment and application processes, MyScooly makes international education more accessible and affordable.

 Join MyScooly

By joining MyScooly, students and institutions alike can unlock the potential of global education with ease and efficiency. For more information, visit ( is dedicated to making international education accessible and manageable for students around the world. Embrace the future of education with MyScooly.

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