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Getting to Know Chand Gul

Her mission is to leave a better world for our children than the one we inherited from our parents. She will do everything in her power to achieve this.

This ambition has led her to serve on different boards and keeps her motivated to get involved in the community by occupying positions where she can advocate and strive to make positive changes.

Her moral compass directs her with the principles of equity and equality.

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For the Love of Mothers! | Monica Bassili

With this in mind, it is essential to reevaluate and re-envision your relationship with your mother. Although cliche and overused, we truly only have one set of parents and failing to award them the compassion and time to see their perspectives may only cause you more harm in the long term. For me, even those I have been gone for four years, the pain and anger never left without taking the time to talk with them and realize that they did the best they could. Such an example is not only helpful to Mother’s Day but for the rest of your life. No matter how far you run, the pain in your heart for the harm caused by your parents stays with you.

Canadian Mental Health Association Mental Health Week
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Mental Health Week and Wellness Together Canada

Mental Health Week is sponsored by Major Sponsor Beneva as well as The Medicine Shoppe, Workplace Strategies for Mental Health (Canada Life) and Not Myself Today. To get involved, you can:

Learn more about mental health and empathy at 
Share your support on social media by downloading a toolkit and using hashtags #GetReal and #MentalHealthWeek 
Donate to support CMHA mental health programs and services at 
Connect. If you or someone you love is struggling, please contact your local CMHA or visit the Government of Canada’s Wellness Together portal. If you are in crisis, please call 1-833-456-4566 toll free in Canada (1-866-277-3553 in Quebec) or dial 911.

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My First 100 Days in Office | Mayor Sohi on Medium

The Office of the Mayor announced today that they have officially launched a new blog where you can find entries about policy, upcoming events, Edmonton news and more. The blog is written by Mr. Sohi’s staff and himself.

 Last week, Mr. Sohi’s team reached an important milestone and the blog contained what the administration had learnt in the last 100 days.

” My first 100 days in office could be summed up with three words: relationships, resilience, and restitution” 

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Does Colour Inspire? | Jacqueline Biollo, MBA, ICD.D

Create a positive mindset. I knew I didn’t want to disappoint the event organizer by not respecting the request, so, to complement my positive mindset, I created a feeling of gratitude. I was appreciative of the opportunity to attend this unique colour-themed event, where I would network and be exposed to opportunities that excite me.

Low Income Community Free Clinic
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LCCMedia Foundation Launches Low Income Community Tax Clinic

From their work in the community, they observed a gap in financial services and literacy in low-income or modest income earners. There is a wide variety of people, newcomers, unemployed individuals and seniors, who do not have access or find it difficult to gain access to filing their taxes by a qualified accountant or professional who is from their community.

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Woman Driver, Angry Feminists and Irrationality 

“The fact is, men are worse drivers if you compare people’s accident rate according to their gender,” I added, “Would you please be so kind as to let me be rational and cite some research data? According to a document published by China Justice Big Data Service Platform, while males only take up about 70% percent of all drivers, they have accomplished 94.6% of criminal traffic accidents. This data means males are 8.8 times more likely to cause serious trouble as drivers than females. Is that rational enough?”

     “Wha……wai……Where did you get those numbers?” My father was startled.

     “I am reading from my phone.” I admitted, smiling: “Do you want the citation,dad? I have collected quite a lot of pictures of official data about gender differences on my phone, just in case someone would accuse me of being ‘irrational,’ which had happened many times. Now, my dear man driver dad who cannot drive as well as mom, where is your rational, concrete evidence?”