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Alberta NDP Commit to Universal Coverage of Prescription Contraception

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Rachel Notley and the Alberta NDP are committing to universal access to free prescription contraception across the province, should they form government in May.

“Universal access to free prescription contraception in Alberta will ensure that all women are in control of their economic future,” said NDP Leader Rachel Notley. “This is good health policy, good economic policy, and it’s the right thing to do.”

The Alberta NDP plan would cover oral hormone pills, contraceptive injections, copper and hormonal intrauterine devices, subdermal implants, and Plan B. All told, the plan will cost under $34 million annually.

“Universal contraception benefits Albertans from high school to perimenopause, and this plan could save someone buying monthly hormonal pills up to $10,000 in their lifetime,” Notley said.

Janis Irwin, Alberta NDP Critic for Women’s Issues, said the commitment to universal contraception will also allow more Albertans to participate in the economy and will provide them greater access to reproductive healthcare.

“Women deserve quality healthcare,” Irwin said. “They deserve healthcare that’s there for them, when and where they need it.

“I am so honoured to join Rachel Notley and all of the incredible women in the Alberta NDP Caucus to make this commitment.”

Notley also reiterated her pledge to return to gender parity in cabinet if elected, after four years of male-dominated cabinets under Jason Kenney and Danielle Smith, and the re-establishment of the Ministry of the Status of Women, which was abolished by Smith.

“I am committed to leading a government that works for all Albertans, and to do that, we must ensure that Alberta women don’t just have a seat at the table; we have at least half the seats at the table,” said Notley.

“I will always stand up with women, for women, and for the rights of women”.



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