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LCC Media is One | A Look At The Past Year | An Appeal

LCC Media is One | A Look At The Past Year | An Appeal

When we started a little bit over a year ago, we knew we wanted to give women a voice. We knew we wanted a platform where immigrant women would be heard. We wanted to create a movement about women and our issues. A lot of revolves around women: families, communities, politics. The truth is you cannot get much done anywhere without a woman. In Edmonton today, a cursory look around indicates that there are more women dominated activities like -LCCMedia – than for men.

Yet, women face a lot of barriers and obstacles. Immigrant women face a lot of hurdles -language barriers, certification barriers and so much more. Many women have paid the price with their careers for talking so they don’t talk any more. Many women have suffered at the hands of men – at the hands of the men who are meant to look after them. Marriage in some communities mean a lot – so some women endure the hardships and limitations

We have published two online magazine profiling women and one we were able to print. We did not make a profit on either publication. We have put up panels about key issues and even hosted a candidate forum for Edmonton Millwoods last year. Our Facebook page documents each interview and panel we have done. Since August 2019, we created learning opportunities for women to upscale online. We closed the group as it was no longer cost-effective to provide workshops online. We hosted the first interactive workshop with Coach Sogand in January 2020. We are partnering with workshop facilitators across the city to provide the much-needed skills to immigrant and businesswomen.

Whilst this movement is not for just black, it is to represent the struggles of all women. Women. We have tried to be representative. We have tried to represent and to give a voice to every woman. We have made this struggle about ordinary everyday women who do extraordinary things. Recognising that women are not just one group: there are senior women, aboriginal women and women living with disabilities.

The term visible minorities refer to South Asian, Chinese, Black, Filipino, Latin American, Arab, Southeast Asian, West Asian, Korean and Japanese. Other visible minority groups are also included in this population, as are people belonging to multiple visible minority groups” according to this website.

We still have issues surrounding gender-based violence, poverty, lack of opportunities and so on. Our girls face high levels of sexual assault and other forms of violence, a sharp decline in mental health and confidence, negative stereotyping and sexualization.

At LCCMedia, we still have much work to do when it comes to highlighting these issues and how they impact our every day lives.  We did some work around the opioids crises and domestic violence. As we project into our second year, we will need to increase our capacity to be able to do more. To this extent, we ask that you consider making a donation to us.

Independent media in Edmonton suffer from a crucial lack of resources. As we are self-supporting, we lack the resources to chase every big story, we are also not able to attend every event.

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Will you consider helping LCCMedia as we step into our second year. We will issue you with a gift certificate. Make your donations to


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