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Tracy Barry, founder GROW on | Women Are On The Rise In Edmonton

Tracy Barry, founder GROW on | Women Are On The Rise In Edmonton

Edmonton’s First Lady Tracy Barry, the founder of Grow – Gradual Rise of Women – a phenomenal organisation that brings immigrant women together in the city – was on the International Women’s Day Edition yesterday. Her mission is to GROW female founders, chief executive officers, executives, innovations and entrepreneurs for the future. With footprints across this city, Ms Barry is a multi-award-winning leading women expert with a global clientele and years’ experience in lifestyle design for women. Dedicated to helping women reach their potential by equipping them with skills, tools and resources they need to lead in business, corporate and personal lives, it was really exciting to get the renowned Ms Barry on the LCCMedia show.

In an interview with LCCMedia, she talked about the challenges immigrant women face in Edmonton. Language barriers, biological barriers,  cultural barriers, qualification barriers are some of the barriers women face in this city. But the chronic problem is a lack of support for immigrant women. A mother of five, Ms Barry’s inspiration is her mother to whom she looks up to for inspiration and guidance.

There is a lot in this one interview for you to chew on. Have a listen and let us know what you think.

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