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A Time To Sing | Elevation Worship | Mental Health Week

A Time To Sing | Elevation Worship | Mental Health Week

It is Mental Health Week!

We are determined to write a post every day this week to highlight the impact of mental health in our community. Some people don’t believe mental health is important. They believe you can pray and “decree” positive mental health into existence. Whilst there is a place for prayers and positive affirmations, surviving this pandemic requires a little bit more than prayers. We believe it takes a much concerted and determined effort to stay positive and to rise above the trap of mental hopelessness.  As we are coming to the end of this, you have survived the worst. The question is what did you do to get through the many days of  ‘nothingness’? Was it nothing to you? What did you get up to? How did you spend your days?

A friend’s friend whose suicide was blamed on poor mental health highlighted that our mental health is an issue that we can no longer sweep under the carpet. Most people go through their day and they are unable to sleep at night or they wake up and are unable to function through the day.  They look normal to most but, they are dying on the inside. They are engulfed by unresolved issues on their insides.

It is a documented fact that singing and listening to good music improves the state of the soul. Wherever you are on the spectrum of internal bliss or anxiety-ridden turmoil, good music can bring you out of  darkness and take you into the presence of angels into heaven. Many people tend to listen to music when they are in the gym or driving to work. This is not that type of motivational music.

Even though this is faith-based, don’t underestimate what it can do to your soul. Here are five songs we have found that uplifted our spirits. As mothers, sisters, parents the best songs are not limited to these five, the other day, my sister and I went back to the ’90s as we sang with Celine Dion, Boys 2 Men, Toni Braxton on the karaoke machine.

The idea is to find music that works for you. Or find the musician that takes you on a journey of peace, tranquillity and serenity. Follow and support their music. You must have followed on Instagram Tyler Perry’s Hesgotthewholeworldchallenge and John Legend’s concert on the gram before the release of his album Bigger Love.   

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