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Canada’s Top 100 Powerful Women ~ Through the Eyes of Sharon Ali

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Here at, we celebrate our own. Always. We are excited to add Sharon Ali to our Top 100 Women List.

It is important to give honor where honor is due and to recognize greatness when ever we interact with it. In this city, there cannot be a greater advocate of women than Sharon Ali. Through her weekly interviews- Through the Eyes of a Woman – she gives a platform and a voice to women across the city.

Stay with for  in-depth focus on women making the news in Alberta.

Who is Sharon Ali?

Sharon Ali is an award-winning artist who has displayed her many talents within several platforms including media, pageants, interviews, social events and much more.  Her goal is to encourage, inspire, and promote others to live life to the fullest and not let obstacles get in the way.  She believes self-love and self-respect is very critical in living a happy, healthy, and prosperous life.

In 2016, Sharon participated in Mrs. and Ms. Canada Beauty Pageant 2016 where she was selected as one of the finalists.  She was awarded with the best hair category.

In 2017, Sharon was recognized for her talent and awarded with a plaque for her performing arts from Fiji Muslim Sports League at their Annual Banquet Awards Night.

Sharon Ali
Sharon is an empowerment advocate based in Edmonton.

In 2018, Sharon was delegated as the Goodwill Ambassador for Canada to represent Canada in the Ms.  Commonwealth International 2018/2019 Pageant that was held in the United Kingdom.  She was crowned first runner–up representing Canada at the Ms. Commonwealth International Woman Empowerment 2018/2019 Pageant competition.  It was a great honor for her to represent her country.

In 2018, Sharon also received a participation award for her performance at Miss Noble Canada 2018 beauty pageant.

In 2019, Sharon received the Performing Arts Award from MLA Rod Loyola and MLA Christine Grey for her exceptional performance in and around the city.

In 2019, Sharon received a Trophy and a Medallion Award for her participation with the Society for Social Rehabilitation Services. (SSRS) in Canada.   This society helps the elderly and orphans by giving them accommodations, education, and food.

In 2020, Sharon was once again awarded with a certification of appreciation and outstanding work with Swar Taal Music Society of Edmonton.  She is currently on the Board of Directors as Director of Social Media and Marketing.

Sharon is currently the host/anchor for “Through the Eyes of a Woman” ladies talk show where she speaks to a variety of woman at different stages of their lives about their life’s journey, accomplishments, goals, ambitions, and much much more.

Sharon is very passionate concerning woman empowerment.  She believes that empowering woman can change the world.  She believes that promoting woman’s sense of worth, their ability to determine their own choices, and their right to influence social change for themselves and others plays a critical role in woman empowerment.

Through the Eyes of a Woman, Sharon has interviewed  so many women making her mark within the Edmonton Community as an advocate and a voice for women.




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