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Top 100 Women In Canada ~ Andrea Cox Gets Your Affairs In Order

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Andrea Cox is a Licensed Funeral Pre-planning Consultant in AB and BC – and she can help with – Getting Your Affairs In Order.


Death is the one subject most of us fear to talk about.

We may have cultural or religious inclinations hindering us from being open about our end of life plans. One thing is certain, all of us will die. One day. In most cases, our parents pass on before us. We need to ask them what their plans are. What would they like to be done with their debts, their homes, their clothes, social media accounts and so on. If you are in your late forties and early fifties, and you are reading this, do you have a will? Do you know you need a will? If you were to die, what will happen to your spouse and your kids? Thoughts about the welfare of our loved ones must compel us to act responsibly now about issues surrounding our passing.

Someone who can help you get your affairs in order is Andrea Cox.  She is a licensed funeral pre-planning consultant.

She was born and raised in Calgary, AB and after working in Staffing and Recruitment for several years, her passion now is to help others understand the importance of getting their affairs in order before a crisis or death.

Andrea assists her clients with:

  • Pre-planning their final wishes.
  • Finding a pre-paid funeral/memorial service or cremation package that fits in their budget.
  • Referrals to a Lawyer or a Certified Professional Executor to set up Wills and other legal documents.
  • Referral to various providers of services and resources for seniors
  • And much more.


She helps singles, couples and adult children with aging parents with putting a plan in place that will bring peace of mind to loved ones at the time of death.

To bring awareness to the Taboo subject of death, she hosts Monthly Webinars, Information Sessions and a Let’s Talk Show on Facebook and Instagram on Tuesdays at 7:00pm MST. On the Let’s Talk Show, she speaks with other professionals on the topics of death, debt and senior care. The goal is for families and adult children with aging parents to begin asking questions and having uncomfortable conversations before a crisis or death.


To book a free conversation or to learn more about the Monthly Webinars and Talk Show, you can follow Andrea Cox on Facebook or Instagram @ andrea_9474.


Telephone: 1-866-250-1825 or 403-607-9298



Tee Adeyemo writes for LCCMedia


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