Jon Morgan, YEG City Council candidate for Ward Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi.
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Jon Morgan on the Grill | Edmonton City Council Candidate for Ward Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi

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Jon Morgan joined Tee and Tyson on the Grill last night.  Morgan made his case passionately on the issues dear to his heart.

Acknowledging his white privilege, he is socially conscious with a determined heart set to change the way business is done at the City of Edmonton. Here is an example of an endorsement that shows the heart of the man. 

Jon Morgan has been an active member of our community and has regularly organized and participated in community events, fundraising, and other events involving families and community-building. Just as Covid was starting, when my family was in quarantine, Jon reached out almost instantly and offered to pick up and deliver groceries for my children and I, and later followed up to check if we needed anything. He has also organized pickups for donations of clothing and other goods for the Bissell Center. I see Jon as a family- and community-oriented person who values being involved and working actively to make our community and neighbourhood a better place to be. – Alex Jodoin


He was grilled on his policies. Let us know what you think!





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