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Analyzing Yeg Politics with Prof. Ubaka Ogbogu

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LCCMedia had University of Alberta’s Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law and Katz Research Fellow in Health Law and Science Policy Ubaka Ogbogu yesterday to discuss his choices for Edmonton Mayor and the twelve wards. Prof Ubaka does not mince words on Twitter where his stance on a variety of issues are clearly known. A day hardly goes by where he does not speak truth to power. For socially conscious Albertans, you want to follow him on Twitter where his transparent truth may educate and inform you.

The conversation starts with why you should vote and those who are eligible in Canada’s elections. Then, he examined all the candidates running for mayor and found Mr Sohi’s platform most acceptable. He had endearing words for Sharmir Turner and Haruun Ali.

You want to listen to his thoughts about Edmonton’s policing at the 41st minute and of course, his very staid plans for Thanksgiving at the 46th minute.

LCCMedia is grateful to Prof Ubaka for making the time to engage with us.



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