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LCCMedia is pleased to announce the publication of EL Nura: her debut magazine for Christian women.

El Nura means light—the light of God. In a world filled with darkness, we wanted to add a ray of light. Many people are hurting in different ways. This magazine was carefully crafted to bring healing one page at a time to women everywhere. If we can do something to create excitement, renewal and hope for women, we would do it heartily.

The team decided they wanted to focus on a magazine for Christian women and so we did.

There are several interesting articles in EL Nura like Stress Management with Lola Olorunfemi, The Womb Woman with Pastor Bode Akindele, Balancing Miracles with Kirsha Campbell. The leadership spotlight was on Suzan Obasan.

 I would love to hear from you. My email is My team and I would love to know what you think of this edition and find out more of what you would like to see.


Here is the featured poem

Managing Failure

Failure is never final.

You have the rest of your life to get it right.

Failure is a journey to success.

God is working it all out together for your good.

Who said you failed if you are still single?

Who said you failed if you are going through a divorce?

Who calls you a failure if you are waiting on God,

And his promises for your life?

Failure is never final. Failure must be managed.

Nothing can defeat you!

You stand as a winner with God Almighty.

You stand tall with God.

He is with you. You can never fail.

Check your expectations. He is too big to fail you.

He did not abandon Noah on the ark.

Or Jesus on the cross

He has you covered.

Who said you are a failure?

Get intimate with Jesus. He calls your weary heart to him.




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