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Looking back at 2022 | Black History – a Canadian Perspective

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LCCMedia hosted panels and workshops in 2022. One of the panels we hosted was in partnership with




The title was Understanding Black History and Present Reality. We had Tomi Ajele, Greg Frankson, and Adora Nwofor on the panel. Robert Tyndale moderated. We had our Senior Editor, Lorrie Morales, write about the panel for us as we look at some of the great partnerships and brilliant conversations we had in 2022. 


 Moderator Robert Tyndale (Bobby) is a digital marketer who believes that people connect through stories. Robert runs a small content production agency called Version Me Media, working with different businesses across Edmonton. He started a new tech start-up called Return on Colour – focusing on interconnecting Black Canadians across the country through a directory highlighting Black professionals, businesses, freelancers, and organizations. On a recent show he hosted three guests:Tomi Ajele, Greg Frankson and Adora Nwofor.

“Canada has become a master in the art of historical camouflage, notably in its least glorious moments: slavery, segregation, migration laws, systemic racism. Its proximity to the USA has rendered the task all the easier as each of these facets seemed to be more amplified there. We could always tell ourselves that at least we weren’t the USA, which was always more racist, more pro-slavery, more segregationist.” (Excerpt from “And My Crowns Expanded Afar” by Aly Ndiaye – Africanthology – edited by A. Gregory Frankson)

The three panellists shared their views by acknowledging that sharing, supporting, and engaging in conversation is essential.  Each guest introduced themselves and discussed the topic of Black History month and present reality.

Tomi Ajele is the Editor-In-Chief at Afros which is a media collective dedicated to amplifying Black voices in Calgary. Her work has also been published and Tomi is currently pursuing a Master’s in Public Policy. She hopes to continue to use her voice to advocate for an anti-oppressive tomorrow. Tomi shared that “what I grew up experiencing and hearing about was this story that wasn’t mine” in reference to the American Black narrative. She believes that preserving the authentic stories is through how they are told, not just what is said.

Greg Frankson is the founder and CEO of Voice Share Inc. which provides training, presentation, coaching/mentorship, and consulting services focused on transformative organizational change through inclusive leadership and effective communication. Throughout his career, Greg has used his voice to create social change as an advocate, award-winning literary artist, and media commentator. Greg’s focus is on building community, publishing and leaving a legacy by “having folks think about Blackness all year round.” 

Adora Nwofor aka Statuesse is a comedian and host, co-producing and styling community content with Shaw Cable, hosting events like Folkfest, Cariwest, and Reggae fest or making jaws drop with comedy at Nubian Disciples or Gogo Battles. Living a Creative Life on YouTube tells how people have continued to express themselves despite a pandemic. She is also a public speaker and involved in activism. “Humanize my experiences…” Adora shared. She reiterated that “there is a future we should be investing in.


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Black History – A Canadian Perspective


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