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human trafficking

Bassili, Monica

Bill S-204: Why You Should Care

Racialized Senators and Members of Parliament should not be the only ones concerned with exploiting racialized peoples across the globe. With this in mind, there is a greater need to accept the colonial and imperial consequences of the past century and reflect on its influence on today’s migration patterns. Unfortunately, the typical response is to assume that people from impoverished nations are incapable and incompetent, leading to less attention from Western countries like Canada.

If we ignore the effects of poverty, racism, and sexual exploitation worldwide, there is a slight chance that laws such as Bill S-204 will pass. With this in mind, it is valuable to send a message to your members of Parliament and encourage them to voice their support for Bill S-204.

Working to Eradicate Human Trafficking

Working to Eradicate Human Trafficking in Alberta

Human trafficking is a serious crime that takes three forms: sexual exploitation, forced labour trafficking, and trafficking in human organs or tissues. Traffickers exploit people of all ages, ethnicities and genders, forcing their victims to provide labour or sexual services against their will and using threats of violence to trap them in a cycle of exploitation

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