Ladies Corner Business | Hawes and Curtis Shirts| Mary Kay On Display

The Creative Director of Ladies Corner Canada quietly launched  Ladies Corner Business with an interview with Tayo from Edmonton and Claire, a senior Director from Mary Kay.

Both merchants displayed their products and did their best to get Edmonton to buy from them. The show was sponsored by Edmonton’s foremost socialite Amaka Agbakoba who also owns MK Curvy.  Claire who has been with Mary Kay for over ten years is passionate about her brand.  She linked Mary Kay to female empowerment and the struggle for economic advancement for women. This is the kind of thing we love here at

Tayo who retails Hawes and Curtis ‘has sizes for men and women in different sizes and styles’. She feels that people are catching on to the idea of wearing traditional shirts and that her shirts are good as gifts for Mother’s day and Father’s Day’. You can contact Tayo at (587) 708 2682 and Claire at (780) 938 3270.

Watch the video here:’s Tee interviewed Tayo from #Edmonton, Alberta and Claire is a senior director from #MaryKay.Show was sponsored by MKCurvy and Diversity Magazine with by @qtu ojeWith thanks to the Ojesanmis for allowing us to use their studio 😍💜💋

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