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Lilian Kelani, The Shyft – Mental Cafe Debuts 1st June 2019 With A Dynamic Panel

Lilian Kelani, The Shyft – Mental Cafe Debuts 1st June 2019 With A Dynamic Panel

Deborah Russell and Lindsey Machona Maenzanise join the Shyft on the 1st June 2019 as panellists. The topic is Recognizing the Face of crises.

Deborah Russell, ever protective of her pride which consists of her husband and 3 adult young men, Deborah has worked through a life filled with many ups and downs! 

The daughter of European born parents, Deb lived a pretty regular life. Deb was taught how to be a wife and mother, a hard worker and a problem solver. 

This lady has come through times that could make you want to give up but through sheer will and determination and a love of God she has worked through these harrowing times and is able to now help to counsel those who are just going through the issue of living with family members who are suffering from bipolar issues and depression issues. 

The second panellist is Lindsey Machona Maenzanise

Lindsey Machona Maenzanise is a Mindset Coach who helps women reinvent themselves and take back their personal power. She helps her clients overcome the self-doubt, limiting beliefs and mindset blocks that keep them stuck from unlocking their full potential and serving at their highest level. Lindsey is a passionate public speaker and feminist who for most of her life struggled with feelings of not being worthy and undeserving. This kept her from fully embracing herself and sharing her talents with the world. She has unlocked her potential, awakened her self-confidence, built a positive self-image and created a powerful new identity. Lindsey describes herself as a personal development junkie who loves seeing people grow their wings and fly high. A loving wife and a protective mother of two, Lindsey enjoys spending time with her family, debating politics, DJing, and blogging.









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