Lilian Kelani’s Mental Health Talk Show Debuts With A Bang |

The first episode of the Shyft was broadcast on the 1st of June 2019.

The topic was Recognising the Faces of Crises.  The host Lilian Kelani was able to deal with the subject matter with two leaders of thought: Deborah Russell and Lindsay Machona Maenzanise. The conversation was in-depth, positive and filled with practical tips to help deal with mental issues.

The program started by considering the difference between mental health and mental illness. A registered mental health nurse, Ms Kelani was able to show that mental health comprises of our social, psychological and physical well being while mental illness occurs when there is a break down mentally. A lot of people who have mental health problems are not in the hospital; they are out there and everywhere.  The panel agreed that there was a need to de-stigmatise mental health issues.


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