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Society Blogger Madhu Pillay Shares her Secret with Tee Adeyemo | Yegeventsblogger

Society Blogger Madhu Pillay Shares her Secret with Tee Adeyemo | Yegeventsblogger

We had Yegeventsblogger on the show this morning👠😍💋💋. She is the sweetest and nicest person you will ever meet. @Yegevents is your one stop shop to all you need when planning an event.From cake artists to DJs, they have everything you need 💋💃🏽💃🏽Produced by Linklady Media 💃🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽💃🏽👠

Posted by on Thursday, 13 June 2019

YegEventsBlogger is a major supporter of small businesses in Edmonton. Launched in January 2019, their core business is to promote Edmonton’s entrepreneurs and small to medium size businesses.
Yegeventsblogger has featured hundreds of small businesses helping them to stand out in an already crowded market. When you talk to many small business owners, what they tell you is that business is slow, then, they groan about the recession. What Madhu Pillay does is to breathe a breath of fresh air into these businesses by exposing them to new and old customers on her page.

Yegeventblolggers may be new in town, but they are not new to the Edmonton business space. Their social media handles have penetrated the hearts of Edmontonians, showing that before you venture out on a limb with your projects, you need yegevents for creative ideas. They do not even charge for their services, it is free.

In an interview with Ladies Corner Media, the proprietor Madhu Pillay said ‘we work with businesses to show them to our customers, providing them with a one-stop shop for all events in this city’. She later told the program that she started blogging because she found it hard to find high-quality vendors when she had to plan an event herself.

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Giving visibility to small to medium size businesses is what YegEventsBlogger does best. They are indeed your one stop for all your events preparation. If you need photographers, nail technicians, cake artists, makeup artists, photography and videography services, yoga classes, henna designs, DJs, MCs, event venues, bridal wears, flowers, sweet treats, jewellery, catering, social marketing, fitness studios and more, try Yegeventsbloggers first.

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