Lindsey Macmaen | Own Your Story Workshop | 21st September | Tickets Available

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We had Lindsey MacMaen, Edmonton’s Transformation and Mindset Coach on LadiesCorner with Tee. Promoting her workshop, Own Your Story, she challenges us to confront the stories we tell ourselves. Sometimes our self talk is negative. It may well because we have always put our selves down or we allow others to put us down.

These negative self-talk are not productive. They are why many people remain in the same place and cycle through life the same way for years. Lack of self-belief stems from a lifetime of negative talk. To come out of this, we need to acknowledge our behaviour and determine to change. Attending this workshop is the first place to start. 

In the workshop, she will show us how to redirect all that negative self-talk into positive language that can move you forward.  Perhaps you have begun the journey yourself and your self-talk is positive, you can learn how to move to the next level of success wherever you are???

This is how Lindsey describes her event:

“Are you held back by limiting beliefs, low self-confidence, and a persistent life story that's keeping you stuck from achieving success in your life and career, leaving you frustrated and insecure about your future?

I'm here to let you know that you can change your current reality. The most powerful transformation you can offer yourself is to rewrite the story that you keep telling yourself about your life and who you are.

Your breakthrough is in how you choose to interpret the events that have happened in your life and shaped who you are now.

Do you want to learn the exact strategies to quiet your inner critic, empower your self-talk, stop self-defeating patterns and habits, let go of past baggage, develop radiant self-confidence and create an unstoppable success identity?

I’m hosting The Own Your Story Workshop in Edmonton on September 21 from 3pm – 6pm for women just like you, who know that they are meant for more and want to go boldly after their dreams.

Click the link below to register, and discover the hidden power of your personal story.…

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