Jared VanderMeer, CEO Magnolias Consulting

Jared Vandermeer | Adding Value with Social Media | Workshops

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He is as big as they get on social media. Always learning and creating content, Ladiescorner.ca was excited to have Jared present to us on the topic adding value with social media.
Who is Jared Vandermeer? Not limited to Edmonton, Jared is a serial entrepreneur with experience in business development & marketing in various industries. He is the founder of Magnolias Consulting Group, a full-service digital agency that finds ways to help companies capitalize on having a modern online presence.
He touched on all the major platforms: Youtube, Linkedin, Tictok and Instagram. The main points we got are the following:
– Your content does not have to be perfect, create content anyways.
– Your audio does not have to be the best, create anyways.
– LinkedIn is still a fertile place to network for the best results.
– Youtube is a search engine optimisation site. Your content for Youtube must accordingly relate.
– Put resources on platforms where you think you can be best optimised.


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