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Immigrant Turns Into Successful Legal Agent in Edmonton | Sariette Banyk Chia | ALSFI

Sariette Banyk Chia

She is a true testament to the freedom and opportunities that await immigrants in Canada. Indeed, her story is a fairy tale coupled with years of hard work and diligent labour. Whatever your definition of success is, does it include having your own corner office, hiring a clerk/assistant, working for yourself? If it does, then, our Sariette is a successful legal agent in Canada. Her legal outfit is called Alternative Legal Services Firm Incorporated. 

According to their website, “Alternative Legal Service Firm Incorporated is a bilingual (English and French) firm providing assistance in self-representation, Virtual legal assistants service, legal drafting, Non-lawyer legal agent, mediation, commissioning of oaths, editing and proofreading, legal Marketing services and legal information to its valued customers”. They are also well trained in  Family, Immigration & Litigation, Documents filing and drafting.

When we met Sariette in 2018 she was just starting out. Fast track to two years later, she is now an award-winning legal agent who helps people up and down the city.

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