Pandemic on the Internet: Canadian Pornographic Industry and Underaged Children

Many people seem to be oblivious to the strong prevalence and traumatic impact of pornography, and sometimes categorize it as a victimless crime. However, many of the participants have not provided consent especially in the case of children. New York Times recently published stories of exploitation and trauma suffered by young victims in the hands a Canadian company who prides itself as a leading porn producer in the world.[3]  The Montreal-based porn company was described as monetizing child assault.

Married and Still Lonely – An hour with the Akindeles.

Together with his wife, they are passionate about equipping Christians with the tools to enjoy their marriages. Pastors Bode and Kemi spent an hour with Tee discussing why some experience loneliness in marriages. They took their time to explain how it has become that the Bible is missing in relationships and homes.

This 2021 ! Sharing Your Stories with Tayo Elnathan

It’s real. It’s intimate. It’s true. It feels like we are listening in to two best friends share their hearts and souls with the world. In this very unconventional show, Tayo and Bola discuss life stories each week. They talk…

A Time To Begin Again ~ YegWatch with Tee

2020 was a difficult year on many levels. So many of us lost loved ones. So many of us lost revenue streams and opportunities to grow. So many of us suffered from depression and a weariness of the sluggishness it…

Day 7 Whom The Lord Strengthens Daily Devotions by Pastor Greg Obong-Oshotse

Text: Joshua 14:11 “I am still as strong today as I was in the day that Moses sent me; my strength now is as my strength was then, for war and for going and coming.” A friend told me about…

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