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The Yeg Show | Prof Ubaka Ogbogu | Bill 30 and Police Brutality

The Yeg Show | Prof Ubaka Ogbogu | Bill 30 and Police Brutality

Ubaka Ogbogu is an Associate Professor in the Faculties of Law and Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, and the Katz Research Fellow in Health Law and Science Policy, at the University of Alberta. Dr Ogbogu is a recipient of the Confederation of Alberta Faculty Associations Distinguished Academic Early Career Award and a Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Fellow (2020). He holds a doctorate in law from the University of Toronto, a Master of Laws degree from the University of Alberta and undergraduate degrees in law from the University of Benin, Nigeria and the Nigerian Law School.

In this interview, he described his resignation from the Health Quality Council of Alberta as a ‘very personal decision based on how he views these matters. People who stay on the Board are equally brave.

Bill 3o makes  Alberta Health Care move steps closer to the private American system. It attacks the independence and expertise of the colleges in Alberta. Accusing the UCP government of cronyism,  Bill 30 is not good for Alberta, he opined.

‘This government is a much frustrating government to deal with, this government does not listen’ Prof Ogbogu said.  Finishing with a rebuke to Municipalities Minister Kayce Madu, Prof Ogbogu came across as a believer in opportunities for the masses and rooting for a government that does more for people who are less privileged.

You want to watch this to hear what Prof Ogbogu said about two-party politics, the United Conservative Party and governance in Alberta and policing in black communities.

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