Arole Alaketu, aka Prince Adedayo Ojeleye
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Nigeria’s 60th Independence Anniversary | Nigerian Canadian Association of Edmonton

Nigeria marked her 60th Independence on the 3rd of October. Nigeria is the biggest economy in Africa, but one of the poorest nations in the world. Still beset by corruption and a lack of political will to create jobs for the millions of graduates, the Assistant Secretary-General of Nigeria, Prince Adedayo Ojeleye spoke with LCCMEDIA […]

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Nisha Patel on | Edmonton’s Poet Laureate Advocates For Women of Colour

Nisha Patel is an award-winning queer Indo- Canadian poet & artist. She is the City of Edmonton’s Poet Laureate and the Canadian Individual Slam Champion. She is a recipient of the Edmonton Artists’ Trust Fund Award. Nisha has performed across Canada and the world from Moose Jaw to Seoul. Her poetry speaks to themes of […]

Jared VanderMeer, CEO Magnolias Consulting
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Jared VanderMeer, Author of If You Sell, You Lose | The Yeg Show

Jared VanderMeer is a passionate content creator and digital marketer. He is also the Executive Director of Magnolias Consulting Inc. Jared is huge on creating value, creating content, creating an audience. He talked about having touchpoints with your audience, being authentic and more Jared is huge on Tik Tok, YouTube and Facebook. He joined the […]

Mr. David Shepherd, MLA Edmonton-City Centre
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Bill 30 and Black Lives Matter with David Shepherd – MLA Edmonton- Center

On July 6, 2020, the government of Alberta introduced Bill 30, the Health Statutes Amendment Act. The Bill, according to the government, was designed to ensure that the government can meet its healthcare commitments to strengthen public health care so all Albertans have access to high quality, sustainable, person-centred health services. The Bill cuts approval […]

Jason Schilling
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Re-Entry Plan with Jason Schilling | President, Alberta Teachers Association

It has been three weeks since schools resumed in Alberta. Support Our Students posted on their Twitter page that 46 schools with cases and 6 school-related outbreaks. An outbreak is defined as two or more cases of COVID -19 reported in a school. Teachers and parents affected at these schools naturally feel unsettled, to say […]

Mustafa Ali/Facebook
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Fight Racism By Empowering the Black Community | Mustafa Ali on the Yeg Show

Mustafa Ali is currently a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) student at the Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta.  Before this, he was the strategy and government relations adviser for the National Council of Canadian Muslims and a former stakeholder relations manager for the premier of Alberta. He joined the Yeg Show to share […]