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Nisha Patel on | Edmonton’s Poet Laureate Advocates For Women of Colour

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Nisha Patel is an award-winning queer Indo- Canadian poet & artist. She is the City of Edmonton’s Poet Laureate and the Canadian Individual Slam Champion. She is a recipient of the Edmonton Artists’ Trust Fund Award.

Nisha has performed across Canada and the world from Moose Jaw to Seoul. Her poetry speaks to themes of race, feminism, and identity, focusing strongly on her struggles and triumphs as a woman of colour. She strives to build strong relationships, mentorship, and opportunities for artists around her, believing in the possibility and forgiveness of the Edmonton arts scene.
Nisha is an alumnus of the University of Alberta School of Business. Nisha works to further her goal of building a stronger artistic community through living in her truth. In this chat, she talks about her feminity, the reason why she writes and how important mentorship is to her.

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