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Fight Racism By Empowering the Black Community | Mustafa Ali on the Yeg Show

Fight Racism By Empowering the Black Community | Mustafa Ali on the Yeg Show

Mustafa Ali is currently a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) student at the Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta.  Before this, he was the strategy and government relations adviser for the National Council of Canadian Muslims and a former stakeholder relations manager for the premier of Alberta. He joined the Yeg Show to share his thoughts about his opinion piece published in the Edmonton Journal: Fight Racism by Empowering the Black Community.

Originally from Ottawa, Ontario, the soft-spoken Somalian Canadian got a lot of applause from both sides of the political spectrum for his insightful piece. From the interview, you get the impression that Mustafa is passionate about collaboration within Black Canadian businesses and his ideas about empowering the black community by reducing the unemployment rate in the black community is sound.

Here are some of the questions asked: Have people just about had enough of Black Lives Matter? How do we get resources to black people? How do we break the backbone of racism in this city? We have black advocates like Mr David Shepherd and Mr Kaycee Madu, that should be good enough for black people who want representation shouldn’t it?

You are bound to be impressed by the depths of the understanding Mustafa shows in this very public conversation.

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