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Russell Peo is a man on a mission.

With two flourishing businesses, he knows a thing or two about how to mentor young men and at the same time be a father and a leader for his people. Russell is that person and more. In his show, his commanding voice reminds you that he could be a preacher or the son of a preacher.

His topics are necessary. Tonight, he dealt with responsibility from death. Many of us  – black people – die here (overseas) leaving nothing behind. It is really bad in Canada. In the United Kingdom, it felt like death was far away, I did not notice the rampant call for Go Fund Me as it is here in Canada.

The dangers of Canada must be more or that more of us are dying without thinking of our spouses and children. Many of us are first-generation immigrants and as a result, we spend the better part of our lives working and even doing more work. There is no space for recreation or holidays in the language of many black people. The reason being that some are perhaps just a paycheck away from poverty.

Statistics Canada tells us that  “overall healthy immigrant effect that diminishes with years since immigration to Canada.  Moreover, even after 20 or more years in the country, immigrants’ ASMRs were generally lower than those of the Canadian-born population”.

In Russell’s show, he queried why the average black man still believes his child should give him something and not vice versa. If this reckons with you, share and like. Visit us again. We have new content weekly.


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