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LCCMEDIA Foundation

Expanding Financial Literacy

Alberta offers Financial Literacy Grants

The two organizations are Enriched Academy who will receive $900,000 per year and the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education will receive $500,00 per year over the next three years.

JA (Junior Achievement) is the world’s largest NGO dedicated to educating young people about business. We strive to inspire and prepare youth to succeed in a global economy. With over 120 member organizations worldwide, JA brings a global view of business to local communities.

Junior Achievement will also receive $250,000 per year over the next three years to work with teachers to provide young learners in grades 3 to 6 with hands-on, experiential financial literacy programming, work readiness and entrepreneurship education. This programming will support financial literacy learnings in the new K-6 Physical Education and Wellness curriculum being implemented in classrooms this fall.

Conversations that Inspire | Seniors Magazine Out Now!

The magazine includes very beautiful and empowering stories from a diverse audience of seniors. Some of the seniors who were featured are Connie Jewell, Connie Luchia, Jim and Donna Thompson, Murray Lloyd, Linda Rakos, Molly Boyce, Doreen Action, Syde Kidwai, Noel Checkley, Joanne Erickson , Ray Sampert, Mary Ann Reeves, Lorraine Nadeau and Sandra Lee.

The magazine captured some of the memories from the 15 week painting sessions with Eritrean master painter and teacher  Fetsum Teclemariam. Teclemariam covered how to use figure,still life objects and landscapes as a means of self expression. In the classes, the seniors learnt how to draw landscapes, animals, trees, faces and more. 

Free MasterClass for Kids | Rising Above Trauma | 24th July

The Masterclass provides a safe place for our  children to open up about their experiences of microaggressions and racism. Here are is why you need to sign up your kids. Racism is real. It is not some imagined nonsense from lazy minds. It can leave scars. And wounds.  Here are some examples of what black children deal with in their classrooms and in the play grounds of their schools. 

When you are called a ‘chimpanzee’ or an orangutan by your friends at school and the teacher never sees it happen. Here are some uncomfortable examples.

When your sandwich is ridiculed at school.

When your teachers set low expectations for your kids.

When your kids spend more time in the school corridors or in the restroom than in class actually learning.

When your child does not want to go to school.

When your child wants to have a light skin.

When your child stops talking.

When your child stays in their room every day after school.

Fetsum Teclemariam

Artist Fetsum-Teclemariam Teaches Painting To Seniors

LCCMedia Foundation is fortunate to have procured the services of one of Edmonton’s greatest artist. Humble and loyal, Eritrean artist Fetsum-Teclemariam is like no other artist. He is deeply aware of  his gift and his humanity. In soft tones, we talked about his life as an Edmonton artist when we visited his gallery in down town Edmonton. It was deeply obvious that Fetsum has found his calling. 

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