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The Grill with Augustine Marah: All About his Priorities

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Tee Adeyemo and Tyson Boyce spent an hour examining the priorities of Mr. Augustine Marah. He spoke extensively and passionately about his priorities which include:

  1. Having a rail line between Edmonton and Calgary.
  2. Increasing the minimum wage to $10
  3. Creating a think-tank to brainstorm the inefficiencies of the municipal government using a general process where seniors citizens talk to the members of the public freely.
  4. He advocated a system where Edmonton Police employees and other city employees undergo an intercultural awareness workshop. Mr Marah hopes that behavior can be changed when people understand one another.

His priorities as regards climate change, economic recovery and diversification, inclusion and diversity, infrastructure, women and children, homelessness and the opioids crises remain unclear.




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