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Jason Kenney’s Resignation a Shock to the Black Community

Kenney has different parts to him: he showed brilliance in some parts of the economy, but the cost of utility, the cost of insurance, cost of living dwarfs the provincial government taunts that they made life better.

It was his fight with nurses and doctors during the pandemic and the ongoing battle for Alberta’s curriculum  that turned some off him  and brought UCP polices to conversations around the kitchen table. 

Children and parents felt unsafe during the pandemic and even now, there is a ongoing dispute about Alberta curriculum being imposed by the province.

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Edmonton Climate Leaders: Advancing a Just Transition

A just transition refers to the transition from the dominant economy to one that centers on place-based, ecologically resilient, socially equitable, deeply democratic approaches to establishing mutually beneficial relationships. Consequently, understanding the economy as a changeable model is key to envisioning new ways of interacting with the world.