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Jason Kenney’s Resignation a Shock to the Black Community

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It came as a complete shock on Wednesday night when Premier Jason Kenney announced that he would be resigning as Premier.

Not one pundit saw it coming; cabinet ministers were seen hugging him and shaking his hands after his shock announcement at the invitation-only event in Calgary.

We were calling everyone we knew for their analysis of what was unfolding, and they were as devastated and confused as we were. Our initial take was that the move was good for party unity. But now, it seems things are very much unclear.

At a cabinet meeting earlier today, he was given a standing ovation. 

Kenney had worked up peoples’ emotions from despair to gratitude for his public service.

Kenney entered Alberta politics in 2017 when he succeeded in leading the merger of the Wild Rose Party and the Progressive Conservatives.

This merger fused into the United Conservative Party.

But two different factions within the UCP wanted opposite things for those who never noticed. Coupled with the stress of the pandemic, in many ways, the pundits say Kenney fell short.

It must have been exhausting for the Premier to balance the conflicting interests. Kenney won the leadership review with 51.4 percent support. But, this was not enough for him to stay on. 

Prof Ubaka, a harsh critic, said,  ” With the ballot stuffing, Kenney knows he got much less than 50%. That’s why he resigned. You can lie to others, but you can’t lie to yourself. Well, he can, but maybe not this time”.

Kenney has different parts to him: he showed brilliance in some parts of the economy, but the cost of utility, the cost of insurance, cost of living dwarfs the provincial government’s taunts that they made life better.

During the pandemic, his fight with nurses and doctors and the ongoing battle for Alberta’s curriculum turned some off him and brought UCP policies to conversations around the kitchen table.

Children and parents felt unsafe during the pandemic, and even now, there is an ongoing dispute about the province’s Alberta curriculum being imposed by the province. listed the scandals and the gaffes and slights you thought you had forgotten.

The kamikaze campaign.

The RCMP investigation.

Shandro is yelling at a doctor in his driveway.

Justice Minister Kaycee Madu phoned the chief of police after getting a traffic ticket.

Lawsuits alleging drinking and sexual harassment of political staff by cabinet ministers.


The Sky Palace patio party.

Betting and losing $1.3 billion on the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Whatever you say against him, Kenney appointed Minister Kaycee Madu as the first Black Minister of Justice and Attorney General.

Premier Kenney – also pro-immigration, opened The Calgary Centre for Newcomers as a testament to his recognition of the importance all immigrants play in Alberta.

The Immigrant Nominee Program was meant to attract top talent from the world, was part of their campaign promises and delivered on it.

Whether or not rural areas have benefitted from the Nominee program is unclear, but the Premier has engaged with immigrant communities.

Many people have said hurtful things about Premier Kenney, saying his main problem was not listening to his caucus. 

Whatever your politics, we know that Kenney will be staying on till a new leader is found. 


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