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Interview with x-Premier Rachel Notley | LadiesCornerArchive

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This interview was published in February 2019. Image from

Many people are said to be camera-shy but Premier Notley is thought to be family-shy. She is family-shy because she rarely talks about her family. Tee decided to break that myth to get her to share her rare family side with the Ladies Corner Host.

On February 14, 2019, at the Alberta Legislature, Tee squeezed four minutes to sit down with Premier Notley to get her to answer some questions after joining other multicultural media for a roundtable in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 

Premier Notley shared her extremely rare family side with Diversity Ladies Corner Host, Tee, "…I have a son and a daughter…my husband does a lot of the cooking…they (my kids) are a lot more independent…but we still make time to go to their events at their schools and to help them with studying…". Premier Rachel Notley, Premier of the province of Alberta, Canada.

Premier Notley has a big message for Albertans, "…you must always make sure that you have a strong voice for women…"

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