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Special Focus on Books with Moji Taiwo | I Give Because I’m Blessed -I’m Blessed because I GIVE

Special Focus on Books with Moji Taiwo | I Give Because I’m Blessed -I’m Blessed because I GIVE

Mrs Moji Taiwo is the author of – I GIVE because I’M BLESSED – I’M BLESSED because I GIVE

– ‘ A Chronicle of An Immigrant’s Journey’ – Moji Taiwo is a wife, mother, grandmother and an avid community organizer. She was a co-founder of the Nigerian Canadian Association of Calgary, the Yoruba

Foundation, Calgary and the Women of Vision Society of Alberta. She is a retired civil servant, community

leader and advocate for family, women and children causes. She won so many awards during her career as a civil servant. Some of them are The Corrections Exemplary Service Medal Award (20 years) presented by the Governor-General of Canada for Excellent services both within and outside of the workplace. The Corrections Exemplary Services Bar Award (30 years) presented by the Governor-General of Canada for Loyal and Outstanding services to Law Enforcement in Canada, the Justice and Solicitor General Milestone Award for 30 years of service, the Solicitor general and Public Security Leadership Award, the Nigerian Canadian Association of Calgary Leadership Award and Volunteer Service Award, The Yoruba Foundation, Calgary Leadership Award and volunteer service Award.

Here is what readers have said about the book: “Excitement to be their unique Self, Inspiration to succeed by turning challenges to opportunities; motivation to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals, strength to challenge the standard norms and the Audacity to be positively different.

The book is available on Amazon in paperback, ebook and Audio; and other book retail outlets.

Why did you write the book?

I wrote the book firstly to provide a bit of history and how I became who I am to my children

and grandchildren. Secondly, to highlight the plight of many immigrants’ experiences,

including but not limited to education, employment, social and political challenges (Systemic

Racism). Thirdly, I wrote the book to encourage everyone that reads the book to strive for their very best

regardless of their circumstances. And lastly, to be kind!

Why is your book relevant even now?

My book is highly relevant currently because of the Racism Pandemic that has afflicted Black people all over the world for centuries, and the brutal killing of George Floyd by the same Police Officers who were supposed to protect a citizen of the USA. This incident, of course, has blown the lid wide open on racial discrimination and systemic racism in our own country, Canada. My book detailed my experiences with racial profiling by the police in Lethbridge and Calgary, workplace Isolation, marginalization and trauma caused by always being on guard. The book provides hope for the victim of racism and enlightenment for those who are willing and open to listening and learning about what Racism is and how to be an ally to fight the pandemic.

When you look back at your career, what would you like to be remembered by?

I’ll like to be remembered for making a difference in people’s lives, the young offenders, their

parents and the young staff I worked with and trained.


 What do you know now that you wished you knew before?

It’s hard to say. While I’ve been calculated mostly in regards to my career, I’m actually

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spontaneous in nature. However, I wish I had pursued my master’s program so that I can

formally extend my knowledge to students in higher institutions.

Where can we get your book?

My book is available in paper, ebook and audio from, and other places you get your books.

You can also order my book through your local libraries.

Instagram – @moji.taiwo

Website – Twitter – @mojitaiwo2

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