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Surviving Racism and Discrimination with Moji Taiwo | The Yeg Show

We met Mrs Moji Taiwo only recently at an interview we did together. However, we have been in contact since 2018. She is friendly, kind, filled with wisdom and easy to talk to. The interview was meant to last about half an hour, we were still talking at fifty minutes and we were not done. So many were the nuggets we gleaned from the conversation, we have decided to use her words as quotes this week on our Instagram page. If there is anyone who has an excellent spirit new immigrants should aspire to, if there is anyone in Alberta, we can pattern our lives after, it is, without doubt, Mrs Moji Taiwo.

Racism, when we experience it, leaves wounds, that takes years to detangle and heal from. Here is what it looks like: being denied accommodation because of your race, being invisible at work, working 150% more than your colleagues but only getting “80%” recognition, police tailing you in your neighbourhood, police tailing you because you drive a fancy car, police tailing you for no clear reason, being paid less than my colleagues and more.

From the interview, we understand that “systemic racism is when you work really hard for an interview and they tell you, you came this close but you are second, or you are overqualified for this position. Systemic Racism is when your application is put aside because of your name and accent”.

Systemic Racism is when you are heard for the first time in twenty-five years because of another female files a complaint about the same member of staff who exhibited bigotry tendencies.

Systemic Racism is when staff members and senior leadership are caucasian. Systemic racism prevents the unemployment of a diverse cohort.

Here is part of the bio she sent to us.

Mrs Moji Taiwo is the author of – I GIVE because I’M BLESSEDI’M BLESSED because I GIVEA Chronicle of An Immigrant’s Journey’ – available on Amazon worldwide in hardcopy, ebook and Audio downloads. In her book, readers will find “Excitement to be their unique Self, Inspiration to succeed by turning challenges to opportunities; Motivation to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals, Strength to challenge the standard norms and the Audacity to be Positively Different.

A recipient of many community leadership and professional awards including, the Governor General’s “Corrections Exemplary Service Bar Award” (2015); the “Solicitor General and Public Security Leadership Award” (2009), the “Corrections Exemplary Service Medal Award” (2008) and many other volunteer services awards.

Most recently in 2018, she received the 25th anniversary of NCAC Volunteer Award and she was chosen as the cover story of Lethbridge College’s Alumni Magazine the ‘Wider Horizon’ In 2017, her story was featured as one of Canada 150 Stories (an immigrant success story) by the Canadian Race Relations Foundation

She was a founding and active member of the Nigerian Canadian Association of Calgary (1993), the Yoruba Foundation, Calgary (2004) and the Women of Vision, Calgary (2012).

She is a wife, mother and grandmother of three beautiful boys.


To contact Mrs Taiwo

Instagram –  @moji.taiwo

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