Celebrating Asian Heritage Month

Africa Centre Sets Up Vaccine Clinic and Asian Heritage Month

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We have celebrated and reflected upon the contributions of Asians in Canada from the 1st of May.

Like Black History month, the month of May is the time we have set aside to celebrate and reflect upon the contributions that Canadians of Asian descent have made and continue to make to the growth and prosperity of Canada. Multiculturalism and diversity are cornerstones of the Canadian society so we do well to research and understand the value system of Asians of Canadian descent this month.

This acknowledgment is important for us as a community as it enables us to reflect on what we can learn from Asians. We can also work to  incorporate value systems, philosophies and mindsets with the hope that we can find answers to certain difficult problems our communities have encountered.

This month, we recognize the vibrant contributions over the last two centuries to science, sport, business, government and every sphere of Canadian life.

The theme for Asian Heritage Month 2021 is ” Recognition, Resilience and Resolve” and rightly so. They are a resilient and a people of resolve. Whether you consider Asians from East Asian descent, South Asian descent, South East Asian descent, Central Asian descent or West Asian descent, one fact remains true -they are a people we must celebrate.

How should we celebrate Asians?

  • By reading more about their history
  • By intentionally learning more about the cultures of Asians in our lives
  • By learning where we can find them on the global map.
  • By learning to pronounce their names well.
  • We recognize all noteworthy Canadians of Asian descent
  • By equipping ourselves with the information we need to tackle Anti Asian Racism here

Vaccine Information

We are collectively happy as we are seeing the back of Covid 19.

This is happening because the Alberta government appears to be making sizable tangible progress with its vaccinations. This is what we know: as of May 18,

  • 2,271 955 doses have been administered
  • 50,819 doses per 100,000 population
  • 332,276 fully immunized  (2 doses)

Every one born in 2009 or before is now eligible to book their first dose.

How To Book:

  1. Call 811. There are currently high call volumes so it is recommended that you book online or enquire with participating pharmacies as soon as possible.
  2. You can book online for your (Pfizer, Moderna Vaccine). Book here: 
  3. Contact a Pharmacy here. 
  4. To find a participating pharmacy, please click here
  5. For a limited time, the Africa Centre in Edmonton is opening a Vaccine Clinic on Friday 21st May 12pm -4pm at the Africa Centre 6770 129 Ave NW #106. This is necessary as many Africans face barriers in getting vaccinated. The limitations may be mental or structural. Some people are still not convinced of the efficacy of the vaccines. It does not help that there have been nearly 400 incidents relating to the vaccines. To return to normal or a semblance of it, most of us would need to be vaccinated. Let us know in the comments whether or not you have been vaccinated and what the barriers are?


Trust the Science, get vaccinated!


Tee Adeyemo writes for LCCMedia


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