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The Sum Up – The Morning After a Federal Election

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It is the morning after a Federal Election and this what we know:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will remain Prime Minister of Canada. He won with a minority government in a much similar pattern as he won in 2019.  With results early on Tuesday show the Liberals elected or leading in 157 ridings, though one elected MP will be sitting as an independent, the Conservatives leading or elected in 120 ridings, the Bloc Quebecois in 33 ridings, the NDP in 26 ridings, and the Greens in two ridings. 

This is what the landscape looks like in Edmonton.

Edmonton Wetaskiwin – Mike Lake elected with 56% of the votes

Edmonton Centre – with 208/209 polls reported Randy Boissonnault leading with 33 % of the votes or 15,252 votes

The incumbent James Cumming has 33 %or 15, 318 of the votes.

This riding teaches that every vote does count.

Edmonton Manning: Ziad Aboultaif won with 41% of the votes

Edmonton Millwoods – Tim Uppal was reelected with 38% of the votes or 17,324

The Liberal Party’s Ben Henderson had 34% or 15,413 of the votes.

Nigel Logan was in third place with 22 % of the votes.

Edmonton Riverbend: We are excited that Matt Jeneroux was re-elected with 45% of the votes.

Edmonton Strathcona : Heather Mcpherson the New Democrat incumbent won with 60 % of the votes. In second place was Tunde Obasan with 26% or 12, 808 of the votes

Edmonton West: Kelly McCauley won with 45% of the votes

Edmonton’s Wetaskiwin – re-elected Mike Lake with 56% of the votes. Whilst, we are non partisan, we had been rooting for Mr Mike Lake because of the good work we know he is doing in his riding.

Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan-  Garnett Genuis was re-elected with 58% or 39,007 of the votes.


St.Albert- Edmonton-  Michael Cooper was re-elected  won with 48% of the votes

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