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Females in Tech | Digital Equity with Kasey Machin

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Kasey Machin is a Founder and COO at AretoLabs. She is also the Founder and Chair of  ParityYeg. In this media chat, she talks to Tee Adeyemo about the  inspiration behind creating and shaping inclusivity online through  AretoLabs.

I have to say this is the most inspiring chat I have had in a long time. Previously, I thought the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning was far removed from people like me, till I spoke to Kasey. The fact that she is a woman and she is winning in the techworld  is a plus and a win for all women everywhere. So, please read on.

AretoLabs has three founders who bring different things to the table: Lara Cuthbertson, Kasey Machin and Jacqueline Comer. The idea behind  AretoLabs began when Machin worked for a city counsellor and noticed the amount of toxicity aimed female politicians on Twitter.  A response to that is PartyBot.

Parity Bot is a piece of technology that uses machine learning to track women running in elections. Parity Bot counteracts  every negative tweet that is sent, diluting the venom of negativity by replacing it with a distinctively positive message.  Overall, it helps to make sure online spaces are more positive. This technology has been used in elections in the United States, New Zealand and right here in Canada.

For more mind blowing information, have a listen to Kasey Machin here. You are welcome! Women are doing amazing things in the tech world!





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