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Jacqueline Biollo on the chances of winning the lottery.

Win the Lottery | Jacqueline Biollo, MBA, ICD.D 

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Statistically, the odds of winning the lottery are about 1 in 1-not-enough chances or something like that.  Aside from the common definition of a lottery, wherein the success or outcome involves the drawing of numbers at random for a prize, ‘gambling’ can have an impact on one’s life. That impact can either be positive or negative. Gambling when the government does not regulate it, is governed by chance. 

I’m not a big gambler.

Although, I have been known to buy a lottery ticket every now and then (even those really expensive ones, in hopes of winning a dream home, luxury cruise, or fancy sports car). I’ve placed bets on an underdog horse at the tracks, put $10 down on the roulette table, placed coins in a  slot machine, and even made a ‘truth or dare’ bet with friends, ‘just because’. 

I’ve also bet on life, love, health, sports, jobs, and anything else that isn’t a guaranteed ‘win’. As you’ve likely experienced – ‘you win some, and you lose some. Gambles that is. 

Bedros Keuilian talks about ‘Why you should bet on yourself, and how most people live their lives in fear, do nothing that could possibly make their lives better, and won’t take chances or risks. The problem with this is that they miss out on the rewards. 

Let’s unpack this a bit further to see if we can find innovative ways to ‘win the lottery.

Firstly, betting on yourself means that you are not limited in the opportunities you can create for yourself; you can learn to take calculated risks and allow yourself to reach for your dreams. 

If fear is the factor, consider why you are living your life in fear and what you can do to overcome that fear and start living life to its fullest. For example, is your fear, worry, or doubt caused by something that was caused by your own actions, past experiences, or by a perceived threat of an upcoming situation?  Once you determine the source of your fear, and recognize how to let go of pre-existing experiences or ideas, and start trusting yourself to adopt a positive mindset, then your chance of ‘winning’ will increase. 

By doing nothing that could possibly make your lives better, you miss out on recognizing that life happens for you. Doing something means becoming the master of your own destiny, wherein endless possibilities open up to you, and the world becomes a place of opportunity, not obstacles. 

If taking chances isn’t your thing, or you’re ‘risk averse’, try conceptualizing how taking chances can change you fundamentally. You have what it takes to make a decision, commit, and create the life you want. The benefits of this are you build confidence, develop new skills, and a sense of pride and accomplishment. 

Whatever bets you place on life, love, health, sports, jobs, and anything else, do it for the sheer pleasure and unique power you give yourself to gamble on something that means the world to you. #GoodLuck  #YouGotThis 


Jacqueline Biollo believes that she’s already won the lottery, multiple times over, thanks to the love and support she’s garnered from friends and family to pursue her hopes and dreams and her faith in God which has kept her grounded when doubt clouds her confidence. (But winning the Lotto Max or Dream  Home Lottery wouldn’t be too bad either.) 

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