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Photocredit: Jacqueline Biollo

That New Car Smell | Jacqueline Biollo, MBA, ICD.D

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My dream car may come with a price tag of well over six figures.

Fully loaded, but sans the chauffeur to drive me to my chosen destinations throughout the day, loading and unloading my personal belongings and ensuring my vehicle remains in excellent condition. My chauffeur, of course, would be someone wearing the typical uniform of a black suit, white shirt, and driver’s cap, and would boast all the essential qualities that make a great chauffeur (including proper licencing and certifications to do the job professionally, confidence, reliability, knowledge, and problem-solving skills).

But if it’s just the new car smell I’m after, a plethora of options of ‘long lasting car air fresheners’ and chemicals can be purchased in aerosol, spray, or ‘scratch and sniff’ variations for less than a tank of gas. Aside from the choices one has to make when buying a new car, it’s interesting to note that air fresheners also come in a variety of ‘flavours’, of which you’d have to make a choice to suit your sense of smell.

Pivoting still, although a new car would be great,  and the new car smell is realistic and easily achievable, it’s the leather that grabs hold of my attention. Much like my hands would grip a steering wheel while turning a corner (using the hand-over-hand method) with intentional power and confidence. The look, the feel, the smell of leather is second to none (okay, maybe second to the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies – but I digress).

The leather culture dates back to the late 1940s and was associated more with motorcycle clubs than car enthusiasts. And long before leather was considered fashionable or a symbol of luxury, it was used for very practical purposes (ex., shelter, upholstery furniture, chariot harnesses and couplings, farming equipment, military equipment and armour in the publishing industry, etc.).

Regardless of the assortment of exotic animal hides that can be used for leather, most come from cows, sheep, pigs, and goats. The unique characteristics of leather, such as its texture, durability, comfort, and appearance, make it popular with consumers and an ideal choice for manufacturing any number of products.

In considering my desire for a new car, through the mental stages of a chauffeur-driven vehicle, to my longing for the look and feel of leather, I can only surmise that whether it’s real, recycled, faux, or a finish that replicates leather, the ability to appreciate the leather trend from a woman’s perspective has so many underlying connotations. My favourite of which is ‘confidence’… and maybe a little bada$$.


Over the past three decades, Jacqueline Biollo continues to fulfill her passion for acquiring leather jackets, pants, and accessories, in a variety of styles and colours. As a CEO, fashionista, and car and motorcycle enthusiast, Jacqueline finds ample ways to be her authentic self in her personal and professional life, complemented by her self-proclaimed superpowers of strategic thinking and optimism.

Photo by Tina Marie Anderson 

Disclaimer: The handgun depicted in the photo is a prop and was used for photographic purposes only.


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