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This is where it gets interesting | Jacqueline Biollo

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I’d been holed up in my office for what seemed like days, although realistically, it had only been a dozen hours or so. The empty candy wrappers, stained coffee mugs, and crumpled-up papers on the floor showed my efforts. The end of the school year, the looming deadline of projects, and the growing list of items on my ‘To Do’ list were constant reminders that tomorrow is still yet another day.

The reality for many is that there just aren’t enough hours in the day, or endless opportunities are challenging to say no to. As I’ve written before and have experienced firsthand, although opportunity knocks, sometimes we’d be better off not answering the door.

I’ve cast my net a bit further of late, exposing myself to a network of individuals and instances that remain new, exciting, or untapped. I’ve listened to conversations and contemplated the experiences of others. Humbled and silenced by their experiences. Confidence or insecurities are similar in some situations but different in others. The reality of choices and consequences can pat you on the back or knock you down without warning.

But what is the real reason for my musings? This disjoined representation of thoughts? Because I’ve searched my surroundings for inspiration and came up short. Short on topics that would inspire or inform. Short on experiences or resources that would leave a lasting impression.

I turn my thoughts to food. Both the kind that feeds the belly and that which feeds the soul. Food that has been carefully prepared, with skillful hands, from hunt to harvest, from soil to savoury. And food that has nourished perseverance, innovation, toil, and trauma. And then what about thirst? The quench of something refreshing. A new perspective or the taste of satisfaction.
The wind blows outside, causing me to shiver even though I’m safe and warm indoors. I heard the birds chirping in a conversation between the animal kingdom and me. My thoughts turned to the environment, the effects of global warming, and world news.

Political elections, the cost of living, and the realities of the impact of mental health take centre stage. Promises made and broken, the realities of systemic barriers, and no lasting or impactful solutions are scrutinized and criticized daily. The cause and effects of each are plastered on social media. Everyone has an opinion.

I’m grateful to live in a country where I can have an opinion, even if it’s unwanted or unwarranted. Free to use my voice, money, vote, and insecurities for my advancement or amusement. I’m grateful for a space to write when I have nothing to say.

I appreciate your patience.
Jacqueline Biollo might be a seasoned writer but sometimes struggles with a point of view to share based on current events and personal or professional experiences. Perhaps you’ve struggled in aspects of your life too. It’s good to know we’re not alone, isn’t it?
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