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Grants support 25 community safety and well-being projects

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The City of Edmonton is funding local organizations to implement initiatives that will improve the safety and well-being of Edmontonians.
The one-time Community Safety and Well-being (CSWB) Grant program support community organizations in making Edmonton a safer and more inclusive city. A total of 226 applications were received, and 25 grants with a combined value of $1.58 million have been awarded.
Funding will support initiatives and projects that improve equity, help end poverty, eliminate racism, make progress toward truth and reconciliation, or create an inclusive and compassionate community that supports the safety and well-being of all who live in Edmonton.
Anti-Racism Funding Stream
Safer, Secure and Sustainable Future (SSSF) will assist immigrant women in building their skills and knowledge to enhance their current economic situation and combat racism and discrimination through systemic barriers to employment. ($87,950)
Cooking Up Community will foster community safety and well-being by bolstering social connections. ($65,812)
Faith Spaces Safe Spaces will host conversations and develop a call to action that encourages continued work to eliminate racism in faith communities. ($23,125)
Roots on 6 will engage the community in conversation around the importance of inclusion in every aspect of the community. ($100,000)
Shine a Light on Antisemitism will raise awareness about classic and contemporary forms of antisemitism, making Edmonton a safe and inclusive space. ($15,000)
Black Francophone Communities Safety and Well-being Healing and Action Project will support Black-francophone communities in celebrating cultural wealth and reinterpreting social identity in inclusive ways – leading to adopting alternative approaches to fostering community well-being and safety. ($98,000)
Crime Prevention and Crisis Intervention Funding Stream
De-escalation for Positive Communities (DPC) will develop and facilitate workshops to empower businesses and front-line workers with strategies to de-escalate potentially volatile situations. ($63,503)
NEXUS 24/7 Youth Shelter will support our city’s vulnerable youth and has a number of positive impacts on community safety and well-being including crime prevention and the long-term impacts of providing pathways out of poverty. ($100,000)
Equitable Policies, Procedures, Standards and Guidelines Funding Stream
Accessibility and usability of city of Edmonton resources for immigrant and refugee families with neurodiverse children will address systemic barriers that relate to information access and how information is delivered to families with children with neurodiversity. ($87,793)
Intersectionality Within Disability will create an awareness campaign about intersectionality and disability, strategies and recommendations for governments and organizations, and website resources. ($61,062)
Peacemaking Circles for Community Safety & Well-being will support those looking for new approaches to increasing community safety and well-being through Peacemaking Circles. ($75,525)
Cultural Responsiveness Training – Edmonton will facilitate cultural awareness, sensitivity, and best practices for social service providers who regularly interact with culturally, religiously, and linguistically marginalized communities. ($32,375)
Pathways In and Out of Poverty Funding Stream
At Home in Highlands, Welcoming Initiative will generate activities to address affordable housing barriers and the hesitancy of landlords to rent to marginalized people, learn from people with lived experience so they themselves guide solutions and establish partnerships with service support organizations. ($89,275)
The Nurture Program is a training program which will empower individuals facing barriers, including Indigenous women, immigrants, newcomers, and other women experiencing low-income and unemployment. ($99,843)
Reconciliation Funding Stream
Holyrood Community Reconciliation Initiative will engage with Indigenous-led organizations to support community learning through cultural workshops and including Indigenous dancers, musicians and artisans in neighbourhood community events. ($17,000)
Nékem and Badger Society Community Well-being and Outreach Project will support the houseless community in Edmonton and address gaps in support for those transitioning into or out of health or correctional institutions. ($100,000)
Voice of Hope Retreat will result in a renewed sense of strength and resiliency for the participating Indigenous women who begin to heal from their trauma as a result of their experiences with cancer and residential schools. ($16,812)
Safe and Inclusive Spaces Funding Stream
Connecting Neighbours will connect diverse neighbours in Beverly Heights to build community and foster relationships to strengthen the sense of inclusion. ($75,800)
Youth Workshop will provide Muslim youth with stress management workshops, creating a safe space for them. ($12,950)
The Boys to Men Program will provide mentors to educate and support boys dealing with various issues as a result of immigrating to a new country. ($43,992)
Supporting Healthy and Safe Communities – In Affordable Housing Buildings will empower residents in affordable housing to build social connections, support access to cultural resources, facilitate access to support services, and foster an environment that enhances safety and well-being. ($100,000)
Well-being Funding Stream
SELAM for the Amhara family’s initiative. Sociocultural-safety and Equity to Leverage Accessibility to Members (SELAM) initiative SELAM in the Amharic language means Peace will support 40 newcomers and 200 Amhara families in improving families’ well-being with trauma support and supporting integration with the Edmonton community. ($87,406)
Community Awareness, Prevention & Education (CAPE) for Nisa Homes Edmonton will train social service front-line staff and management to improve the delivery of more culturally appropriate services to create safer and more inclusive social services spaces, where women from any background can be holistically supported and set up to thrive. ($39,875)
Kindness Rocks Edmonton will spread messages of kindness and encouragement through cultural art and multilingual motivational messages on painted rocks. ($11,245)
Safety Days will increase community capacity to assist people living with hoarding disorder by training therapists and professional organizers on trauma-informed interventions. ($89,760)

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