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Mrs. Suzan Obasan, CEO Daughters of Zion Women Foundation

Daughters of Zion Women Foundation 3rd Anniversary Celebration

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All roads led to the third Anniversary and New Year Thanksgiving Service of the Daughters of Zion Women Foundation. Women turned out in droves to celebrate the New Year, and they came dressed colourfully. The celebration event was held at the Wyndham Edmonton Hotel and Conference Centre in Edmonton last week Saturday, and it was tagged ‘Ready for the Crown.’ The highlights included: red carpet and cocktails, praise and worship, prayer, the word, pep talk, food and drinks and a raffle draw.

Mrs Obasan is the CEO of Daughters of Zion Women Foundation.
Mrs. Suzan Obasan is the CEO of the Daughters of Zion Women Foundation.

The founder, Pastor Suzan Obasan started her opening speech by giving glory to God for His grace, faithfulness and how far God has brought the Foundation. She also appreciated all volunteers for their love and contributions to the Foundation. She continued by highlighting some immeasurable past achievements and trusting God to help us achieve more this year.

She introduced the theme for the day and asked the audience if they were ready for the Crown and how ready they were. In her words, “God promised in Isaiah 62:3 to make us a crown of glory and a royal diadem in His hands. And because crowns and diadems belong to royalty, anyone that touches them accords them the respect of their owner. The owner is the king. No king has ever had an ugly crown or diadem, and even if it’s ugly, the king’s glory covers it, and the splendour and royalty of the king overshadow the ugliness. We are God’s Royal Diadem and beautiful in God’s hands. Fearfully and wonderfully made.

God Wants to Beautify Our Lives. God plans to beautify us and showcase His glory; He wants us to shine and bring Him glory and honour. When a crown or diadem is beautiful, it is an honour to the king who owns it.

In summary, God wants to make our lives beautiful to showcase His glory.

As a royal diadem, we are God’s treasured possession, and He cares about us so much that He promised to spare us.”


Other invited speakers also shared the word, reiterating the theme but focusing on the life of Queen Esther, who was ready for the Crown. At the beginning of another year, the question pervaded was, ‘Are we ready for the Crown?’

We were enjoined to reflect on how our lives could be made fit and ready for the Crown. The atmosphere was happy, cheerful and relaxing. The choir which led the ministration brought down the glory and presence of God. The event MC, Debra Egbuonu, was fastidious in engaging the crowd and encouraging women to follow the Foundation on Instagram and Youtube.

Synonymous with DOZ events, there were games and opportunities for women to talk and mingle at their tables. Women at their tables were encouraged to deliberate and give short talks on relevant topics the women found engaging and meaningful. It was an event for single and married women, older women and women in their twenties. There was something for everyone.

Mr and Mrs Obasan
Mr. and Mrs Obasan


There was a 360 degrees table turner that added more style and laughter to the glamorous third-anniversary event. The food served was sumptuous: there was something for everyone: jollof rice, fried rice, Chinese food, moin moin, potatoes, different types of salads, vegetables and so on. Many of the guests had food to take away.

It was an event that nourished the body and blessed the mind.



About the Foundation


Daughters of Zion Women Foundation is a registered charity whose primary aim is to help women from diverse backgrounds who are facing challenges, fighting battles silently and overwhelmed with career, family, marriage, children and other issues in life. They seek to empower women through their various initiatives and supports. Their programs include food drives, help for immigrants, meetings and retreats, seminars,  workshops and prayer meetings.  They also provide women with free Christian and motivational books to help support our spiritual and emotional needs. Many women in Edmonton have been blessed by the meals supplied by the Foundation. During the pandemic, many of us had our freezers filled with shrimp, African food supplies and more. The Foundation does many things in the community: they hold regular prayer meetings. Our personal favourite is the Prayer War Room for women, which holds every first Saturday of the month – from 12-1 pm.

To get in touch with DOZ Women Foundation, email them at or call +1 (825) 436 2000.  Anyone interested in joining their Whatsapp group can text +17807085052.


Have a look at some pictures from the day.

A snap shot of attendees at the event.
A snapshot of attendees at the event.

Mrs. Obasan giving her opening remarks.
Mrs.Suzan  Obasan gave her opening remarks.
Volunteers at the registration desk
Volunteers at the registration desk
Mrs Obasan (in white) flanked by her friends.
Mrs. Suzan Obasan (in white) flanked by her friends.
Mrs Obasan (middle) flanked by her friends.
Mrs Obasan (middle) flanked by her friends.
Photocredit: DOZ Women Foundation Guests and volunteers at the event
Photo credit: DOZ Women Foundation Guests and volunteers




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