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Your dollars and you | Tayo Elnathan and Dotun Ayo-Bamisaiye

Your Dollars and You | Tayo Elnathan and Dotun Ayo- Bamisaiye

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They are accountants at Dexteritas and they also do a lot of work in the community. They took some time out of their busy schedules to talk about your finances, tax season, getting a second job and so on.

They are compellingly entertaining and they provide common sense practicalities around money issues.

They started by talking about a new time, a new time to reset your finances. “Whatever has happened has happened, and it is time to start all over again,” Dotun said. The banks may not like that, but all humans deserve the opportunity to start all over again.

What kind of new things can people be choosing to do in 2023?

Even though there is nothing new under the sun, if you have not planned your income and expenses, the importance of creating a budget cannot be over-emphasized. You might be a new immigrant, a business person, a retiree etc, and for every stage in life, there is the need to plan your expenses given that inflation has gone through the roof.

Tayo has moved on from the mindset of cutting down on her coffee. Her argument is that she needs her coffee to function, and without her coffee, she might not be productive. Coffee for some people is a quality of life/ mental health thing. The coffee could help bring more dollars in.

She argues that you can live a little, but plan.

Plan to multiply your income. Plan to have an emergency fund so you can deal with life’s emergencies. Dave Ramsey says you should have at least 6 months of living expenses.

Watch till the end! It’s actually quite good. It goes on to talk about RRSPs, and tax season 2023.



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