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Vaccine Literacy Information Session at 6pm MST

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In partnership with Foundation for Black Communities and the Edmonton Community Foundation, LCCMedia Foundation and are proud to present our first Information Session on vaccines tonight at 6pm MST. The workshop is titled Vaccines and you. It will be presented by Dr. Jennifer Njenga from the Canada Homecare Group.


Why do you need to join the Information Evening?

We present an opportunity to get all your questions answered.  Knowledge is the new money. Get empowered. Get armed by hearing from people in your community about what Covid 19 is and the different types of vaccines that there are.

Will the vaccine give you the options you need? Will the vaccine turn you into a zombie? Will the vaccine make you infertile? Will the vaccines affect your sex life? Will the vaccines make you infertile? So many questions to be answered.

Join the conversation at 6pm MST. Knowledge is the new money!

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Dr. Jennifer Njenga is the lead physician.

A little bit about Dr. Jennifer Njenga

Dr Jennifer Njenga is the CEO and Founder of Canada Homecare Group. She has lived and worked for more than 18 years in several countries including South Africa, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Dr Njenga has a special interest in Primary Care, Public Health, Indigenous Health and Maternal and Child Health. She has worked with vulnerable populations including Seniors, Refugees, and Indigenous communities.

Dr Njenga was part of the development and implementation of Key initiatives such as the Greater Auckland Integrated Health Network, localization of the Canterbury Pathways in Primary Care and the 20, 000 Days Campaign in New Zealand, aimed at reducing hospital demand by formation of Collaborative Teams that provided healthcare in the community and streamlined referral processes.

She also has been involved in various Advisory Groups including Regional Child Youth and Maternity Strategic Forum and the National Sudden Unexpected Death of an Infant (SUDI) in New Zealand. She currently sits on the Refugee Health Program Partners in Alberta Health Services and the Refugee Health Coalition Alberta.

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Dr Njenga has held various Management positions including Physician Liaison in Primary Care in New Zealand, Clinical Lead in the Provincial Access Team in Alberta Health Services, and Manager of Integrated Care in the Edmonton West Primary Care Network.

This work has awarded her the understanding of the challenges related to accessing healthcare. On a personal note, Dr Njenga continues to be involved in the planning and organizing of care for her own family, including elderly and less able members.  Her experience with working in various healthcare systems as well as her personal experience inspired her to bring together a group of health care providers to form Canada Homecare Group.

She is excited about working with her team and collaborating with other providers to serve communities and reduce unnecessary visits and admissions in the hospital.

When she is not working, Dr Njenga spends quality time with her family and enjoys dancing, listening to music and watching movies.

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