Cody Bondarchuk | Council Candidate for ward Tastawiyiniwak
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Council Candidate Cody Bondarchuk on the Grill

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Cody is a writer, an advocate, a former community league president, a non-profit CFO, and most recently a constituency manager for an MLA, where he helped people access government services and worked with communities to advance their priorities. Cody understands policies and he is a researcher. He knows about municipal governance. His three priorities on becoming councillor is to ban carding and street checks by the Edmonton Police, transition to electric buses and strike advisory councils for gender based violence. Watch what he said  on the 52nd minute.

Cody Bondarchuk is not running to uphold the status quo – he is running to bring the big bold progressive change Edmonton needs in the areas of housing, community development, mobility, public safety and other issues that affect the residents of north Edmonton. He spent some time talking about what his bold progressive change looks like. Read an interview he did with LCCMedia interview here.

He was grilled on homelessness, his plans for women and children, economic diversification, the mansion tax and more. Talking to Cody, you will love politics. He is certainly very engaging. Most promising about Cody is the list of every one who has made a donation to his campaign on his website.

LCCMedia is grateful to Cody for taking the time tonight to join the Grill.

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